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Total Knee Replacement 


Total Knee Replacement

Continued knee pain and difficulty moving can really affect your life, making everyday things hard to do. If you’ve tried various conservative treatments without success, it might be time to consider a more comprehensive solution. At Hart Orthopedics, our highly skilled orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffery Hart, specializes in total knee replacement surgery. This surgery can help you become more independent and do more things you enjoy.

Understanding Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a procedure designed to alleviate intense knee pain and disability caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or knee injuries. This surgery is recommended when individuals experience ongoing, severe knee pain that hinders daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or standing for extended periods. Additionally, difficulties in fully moving the knee, persistent pain unresponsive to conventional treatments, and an inability to engage in desired activities may prompt the need for this surgical intervention.

The procedure, typically performed under general anesthesia, involves several key steps. Dr. Hart opens the front of the knee to access the joint, removes damaged cartilage and bone from the femur, tibia, and patella, and precisely positions artificial metal and plastic implants to replicate natural joint surfaces. Following these steps, the incision is closed with sutures or staples.

Post-surgery, a comprehensive rehabilitation program is essential to regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the newly replaced knee joint.

Understanding Meniscus Injury

Advantages of Professional Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Choosing to undergo this surgery with skilled professionals at Hart Orthopedics offers several advantages

Reduced pain and stiffness

A successful surgery can significantly reduce or eliminate the chronic pain and stiffness associated with knee conditions like osteoarthritis

Improved range of motionand movement

With a new, properly functioning knee joint, you can regain the ability to bend, straighten, and move your knee more freely.

Enhanced quality of life

This replacement surgery can alleviate pain and improve mobility, helping you resume your favorite activities and enjoy an improved overall quality of life

Why Choose Hart Orthopedics for Knee Treatments?

At Hart Orthopedics, our commitment to exceptional patient care makes us a top choice for knee treatments. Our highly skilled and board-certified orthopedic surgeon boasts extensive experience in successfully performing total knee replacement surgeries. What sets us apart is our dedication to personalized care – we take the time to understand each patient’s needs, crafting a customized treatment plan tailored to their specific condition and goals. 

Utilizing the latest techniques and technologies we ensure precise and minimally invasive procedures. Our comprehensive approach extends to rehabilitation, with a team of skilled occupational and physical therapists creating detailed plans to facilitate long-term recovery and well-being.
If you have any inquiries about total knee replacement surgery, do not hesitate to contact us today.

If you have any inquiries about total knee replacement surgery, do not hesitate to contact us today