Shoulder pain encompasses any discomfort within or surrounding the shoulder area. While mild instances may resolve spontaneously, moderate to severe pain necessitates intervention. Left untreated, shoulder injuries can escalate into more serious conditions. Notably, the shoulder joint is prone to dislocations, often occurring due to substantial force pulling the joint ball away from its socket. Seeking care at Hart Orthopedics can facilitate the restoration of shoulder function and treat shoulder dislocations correctly, ensuring optimal recovery and preventing further complications.

Understanding Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocations occur when the humerus, the upper arm bone, shifts out of its joint. This displacement can happen in various directions as the ball detaches from the socket, known as the glenoid. The most common type is forward and downward dislocation, often resulting from falls onto the shoulder or outstretched hand. Conversely, backward dislocations typically stem from forceful twisting of the upper arm or direct impact to the front of the shoulder.

Dislocations can be partial, where the arm bone is partially out of its socket, or total, involving complete separation. Symptoms may include upper arm pain, swelling, numbness, weakness, bruising, and shoulder deformity. Pain intensifies with arm or shoulder movement, indicating a potential dislocation. Seeking prompt evaluation and treatment can mitigate complications and expedite recovery.  

When Should You Seek Shoulder Dislocation Treatment?

Seeking shoulder dislocation treatment is imperative at the earliest signs of discomfort or injury. Shoulder dislocations occur when the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder socket, causing immense pain and limited mobility. The experienced orthopedic specialists at Hart Orthopedics recommend seeking treatment promptly to prevent further damage and expedite recovery.

Symptoms indicating the need for immediate attention include severe pain, swelling, bruising, inability to move the shoulder, or a visibly out-of-place shoulder joint. Ignoring these signs can lead to complications like nerve or tissue damage, chronic instability, or recurrent dislocations.

Our skilled team at Hart Orthopedics offers comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Treatment options may include gentle manipulation to relocate the shoulder, immobilization with a sling, physical therapy, or, in severe cases, surgical intervention.

Why Choose Hart Orthopedics' Shoulder Treatment Services?

Our shoulder treatment services at Hart Orthopedics are distinguished by our expertise in managing soft tissue damage and injuries. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists who are committed to delivering optimal outcomes for every patient. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and advanced technology in a welcoming setting, we ensure superior treatment results.

Our dedication to providing attentive and professional care is evident in our focus on swiftly restoring full function for our patients. Each individual receives a personalized orthopedic and pain management plan tailored to their specific needs.

Recognizing the critical role of muscle flexibility and strength in preventing injuries, we prioritize rehabilitation strategies aimed at restoring range of motion and enhancing physical resilience post-treatment. At Hart Orthopedics, we not only treat injuries but also empower patients to minimize the risk of future occurrences.

If you have any inquiries about shoulder dislocation surgery, do not hesitate to contact us today.